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What music player do you use?

Ubuntu @ September 26, 2008   Views:0

I love my ubuntu and am totally Windows free but I miss Winamp. Could anyone suggest a music player that would be similar to Winamp?




Amarok is probably the most similar to Winamp, and in my opinion, the best music player on Linux.

+1 even if it doesn't look like winamp. Amarok is often the reason I boot into Linux

Amarok ftw, it even has easy iPod support


Huh? Have you even looked at XMMS or Audacious? They're essentially Winamp 2 clones and you can use Winamp classic skins with them. I don't understand how Amarok is similar to Winamp at all.

Right now I'm using Amarok as well though. Unfortunatly, you have to install kdelibs, etc, but nothing manages my music better, and it's actually got an equalizer that works. I got sick of having to organize my music is giant playlists or adding the music each time with Audacious. If only Amarok were Gtk .

Amarok, because it works for me. (I like the graphic EQ also) Had some issues with XMMS on earlier builds, so have not checked it out recently.
Playlists are not an issue as I select from the nearly terabyte of music files I have and like to change things around a LOT. I will set up a few hours of stuff and let it play. Then set up a few hours more.
Audacious is also good, but I have wound up using that more for video capture than for audio.

xmms isn't actually in the hardy repos, but I'm sure there are ways of getting it to work; perhaps the version for gutsy works OK, I've not tried it. I am surprised, however, that no one has mentioned rhythmbox yet. OK it is not much like winamp, but then neither is amarok, so that is not a problem to many who seem to think that amarok is an alternative to winamp. Alternative, yes, but not at all like it, except that it plays music. I tried audacious, but for some reason could only get it to play single pieces of music, never any playlists. Perhaps that was just me, but I gave up and went back to rhythmbox which does everything, and more, that I want and need.

Here is a way to install xmms in Hardy http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4939942

I use Audacious though. RhythmBox is in by default, and works great for me as well.

well i installed and opened up all of these and I have to agree with this that Audacious is the most similar to Winamp. All the other ones are very similar. It seems like they copied each other. I just don't like how much of the screen they take up. Small, simple is better than large, complicated complex...for some reason i can't find XMMS in synaptic. when I search for XMMS in synaptic I get all the plugins but i can't find the one i need, hmm

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