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What's wrong with the 'ls' function?

Ubuntu @ May 16, 2009   Views:0

As I remember it from Ubuntu 8.04, the ls function was more 'colorful'.
Scripts, directories, hidden files and so had their specific color.
Now when using Kubuntu 9.04, the ls function stays gray all the time.
I think this may be related with the console program that is used in KDE and it is different. Am I right?

Any suggestions, to make it the same as it was earlier?


Well, I've installed htop a minute ago and it is in full color as it was earlier under Ubuntu 8.04/GNOME. So maybe I am wrong?

Check that the following are present and uncommented in .bashrc


eval "`dircolors -b`"
alias ls='ls --color=auto'

u have to make an alias of ls as "alias ls='ls --color=auto'"
(without double quotes) in your home .bashrc or any other file which holds your aliases.
then it will work

I perfectly understand the second line, but what exactly does the first mean?

Thanks to both you guys, I've learned something useful today

dircolors is the program that defines the colours used by ls


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