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Which MS Visual Studio C++ Framework?

Visual C++ Programming @ August 25, 2016   Views:0

I have some C/C++ experience but new to windows programming and frameworks.

I've been using some Windows Form tutorials in MS VS2015 just to get a feel. I need to write programs that handle reading and parsing hundreds of text files and construct and analyze large data arrays.

I'm looking for advice on which framework (if that is the correct term) to use? CLI, .NET etc. Or should I learn another VS language C#, Python for example?


VS2015 includes MFC (c++ class library for windows programming). If you want to use .net with c++ then you'll use c++/cli (managed c++) which is part of VS2015.

If you have c++ experience then that's fine for reading/parsing text files and arrays. Windows forms are part of c# and c++/cli so if you want to use Forms then you'll need to use either c# or c++/cli. Note that c++/cli has several differences to c++.

You can also program Windows using the WIN32 API set (which has a heavy learning curve!) but for c++ MFC is usually preferred. There are other frameworks for windows programming available from other vendors (eg QT). Which you choose to learn for Windows programming is probably down to what you want to achieve. eg QT is portable across different os's/compilers. MFC is Microsoft/Visual Studio.

Managed C++ was replaced with C++/CLI.

Is there a successor to C++/CLI or will C++/CLI be around for a while?

Does WPF work native with C++ or only C# and VB.


Natively only with c# and VB as it is part of .net. To use .net with c++ requires use of c++/cli - but see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4...pf-work-with-c

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