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Windows are unmovable and lost their borders and buttons

Ubuntu @ June 13, 2010   Views:0

I'm posting this for a new member who needs help, his registration hasn't gone through yet.

His computer (10.04) a fresh install not 3 weeks old, has now had all his windows loose their outer
borders and the 3 close, minimize, and maximize buttons. Clicking on one underneath another does
not allow any other ones to focus- only the top window, Firefox, remains in focus.

None of the windows are movable. I've used force quit to close windows. New windows open the same way- with no outer border, now locked to the upper left corner, and still unmovable.

Things that were open and close with force quit are still in the panel bars, and the panel bars are showing up like they are focused on.

I've never seen this problem before in 10.04 or even 8.04. Has anyone else run into this, know how to fix it? Thanks.


Called Windows decorations and likely due to compiz issues.
Sometimes I run a script called fusion-icon, and it either fixes it or allows me to select window managers.

Other times a reboot will bring them back.
Another thing you can do is in appearances, turn off desktop effects.

You can hold the alt button down, then grab any window with the mouse.

sdowney, thanks very much. I'll mark this solved, and apply the fixes.

My new linux convert thanks you too

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