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Would blocking these hosts stop me from getting updates?

Ubuntu @ March 25, 2013   Views:0

Hey guys quick question, I was wondering if I blocked these hosts within

" mistletoe.canonical.com127.0.0.1 mulberry.canonical.com"

Would I still be receiving application / software updates through the update manager?
Sorry I am very new
My bet is i would as different applications / updates VIA (update manager) depend on various servers, and not on Canonical...correct?
So if I block those hosts, I Should still be able to receive updates and notification through (update manager), just not send out data due to geoip logging.
and everything is a learning experience.
Thanks in advance

--------------Solutions------------- is always your local IP address. So it seems like somehow your local address was linked to mulberry.canonical.com and mistletoe.canonical.com

I would do this:

Code:  localhost  YourPcName

But removing from your host file will not stop things from updating.

Thanks again! Fixed

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