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write a code to check if language is EN or Chinese

PHP @ January 2, 2009   Views:0

Hi All,

I paid for a company to make my website. After payment then I realize that they encrypted (zend) the whole site. Later I found out that their site was based on OSC and asked that they should release the source code per opensource terms. They denied my request and I'm now stuck with an encrypted source code WITH their company name at the bottom of my site.

I'm not about to freely advertise for them after knowing what they did to me.. so the first thing I need to do is to replace the footer.php which contains their company name.

THe page only contain a background image, and a list of links to different pages of my site, the thing is that depending on your langauge setting, or if the URL has ?langauge=en (or ch) at the end of the URL, the name of the list of links will change according to the langauge.

Can anyone help me with this code? This sounds easy but I'm clueless.



If the code is encrypted, then there's not much you can do.

I would suggest contacting your lawyer and having the website rebuilt.

This is exactly why you always have a solid contract with deliverables well defined before work begins.

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